The Wish Connection, Granting Amazing Wishes

Hudson’s Wish, 2020

On May 26, 2020, Amanda (Wish Lead) and her team intended on having a huge Freshwater Aquarium installed at our newest Wish Child, Hudson’s, home since this would be a much faster process than saltwater, but with all the unknowns, she had to cancel. The 90 gallon freshwater tank was

Colten’s Wish, 2018

We met Colten and his grandparents at his home. He does go to school and also has a speech therapist who comes to his home. We had an opportunity to grant a wish to Colten Weiss, a precious 9-year old child with a chronically-debilitating condition. It was our

Ryan’s Wish – 2018

For Ryan, visiting Washington, D.C., was all he could think about and the biggest wish of his young life. Born prematurely, Ryan suffers from health issues, but that doesn’t seem to slow him down. He is full of energy and excitement whenever he is asked

Ellie’s Wish – 2018

To initiate her wish, The Wish Connection team members interviewed Ellie to discover her unique personality and interests. Ellie expressed a love for the beach, a fascination with carousels, and an endearing admiration for princesses. The team quickly discovered Ellie’s incredible enthusiasm for “The Wiggles.” With these insights, the

Jordan’s Wish – 2018

Jordan’s wish included a trip to San Diego to see Beyonce and JZ! The limo ride from the airport made Jordan and her family feel like celebrities. The Catamaran Resort & Spa where she stayed was amazing and she fell in love with the beach! Before she attended the concert,

Wyatt’s Wish – 2018

To get things rolling, Team Wyatt visited Wyatt at a local bowling alley near their home during the month of December as he celebrated his birthday with family and friends. Wyatt’s Wish Team gave him 2018 season passes for the entire family to Six Flags in Arlington for his birthday.

Xen’s Wish – 2018, Dallas

In July 2017, Xen and her family visited Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Xen’s birthday and kick off her wish! Volunteers from The Wish Connection greeted the family with cupcakes and snacks for the weekend.
Xen and her family set off for a 5 day,

Sean’s Wish – June 2017

Sean’s Wish for a Cowboy Adventure with Animals came true! Sean, and his posse (mom, dad, two brothers and Grandpa), began their experience by flying the Pterodactyl (aka Southwest Airlines) to Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
First stop… Dinosaur World, where they were able to explore over 20 acres and see

Olivia F’s Wish – 2016, California

Olivia has the perfect princess pose, don’t you think?  For Olivia’s Wish the team in California was so excited to send Olivia and her family to Florida to enjoy holiday time at Disney World.