The Wish Connection, Granting Amazing Wishes

Who we are

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 Our Story

Watching a child’s face light up with joy is priceless. Whether it’s a trip to Disney World, a swim with the dolphins or hanging out with a famous country singer, it’s the chance for a dream to come true and to lift up a child, and their entire family, along the way. That’s what we do as part of The Wish Connection. We’re here to grant amazing wishes, create smiling faces, and build a connection between families and a community that cares. The Wish Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in the fall of 2006 by AT&T employees in San Antonio who wanted to be directly involved in granting the wishes of children who have life-threatening or chronically debilitating medical conditions. The Wish Connection is truly a unique wish-granting organization that has expanded its grant-giving to Austin and Dallas, Texas and several locations in California.


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Making of a Wish

To make a wish come true for so many deserving children, it takes the hard work of many dedicated staff, volunteers, donors and other supporters. Click here to learn more about the process of wish giving.
Our Mission: The Wish Connection is dedicated to granting the wishes not only of children with life-threatening medical conditions, but also the wishes of children who suffer from chronically debilitating (although not necessarily life-threatening) medical conditions.
Our Logo: Our logo represents how our communities can come together to lift up one child in his or her time of need. All of us, working together, form the star that represents the spirit of unlimited possibilities and the wishes of the children.

How to Grant Amazing Wishes

Step #1: Apply
Obtain a Wish Application Packet from our website under Refer a Child. Complete all the documents in the packet, including the Physician’s Referral and Release of Liability forms and provide them to the Executive Committee contact in your geographical area.

Step #2: Eligibility
To qualify, children of AT&T employees (active or retired), OR children recommended by AT&T employees, must be between the ages of 3 and 18, reside in a geographic area of an Executive Committee or in an area of the United States where AT&T employees/retirees are available to grant wishes through The Wish Connection, have not had a wish granted or applied to have a wish granted by another Wish-Granting organization, and have a life-threatening or chronically-debilitating (permanent and substantially limiting of major life activities) medical condition.

Step #3: Getting the big news
After the Wish Application Packet has been received, reviewed and approved by the Executive Committee, the Wish Family is notified and given the BIG NEWS that their child has been approved to receive a wish from The Wish Connection organization.

Step #4: Wish Reveal Party
An amazing wish is created for the wish child through the interview process that takes place with the wish family and the Wish Child. The Wish Child is told the theme of his/her wish and given details on the amazing wish that has been planned specifically for him/her.

Step #5: The Big Day

This is an exciting time for The Wish Connection Wish Team as well as for the Wish Child. The Big Day is the day the components of the wish are experienced by the Wish Child, such as travel to Disney World, a room makeover for the Wish Child, a visit to Sea World, Great Wolfe Lodge, AT&T Stadium for a concert of the wish child’s favorite artist, etc. The list goes on.