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As a Regular/Voting Member, you are eligible to:

  • Receive a TWC t-shirt as part of your paid membership fee ($20, details on payment to follow);
  • Vote in all capacities designated in the TWC By-Laws;
  • Serve as a Wish Team Lead and/or as a Wish Team Member;
  • Serve as a Director on the TWC Board;
  • Serve as an Officer on TWC;
  • Serve as a voting member of a Regional Executive Committee and/or as a Regional Executive Director;
  • Serve as a voting Committee Member on any TWC Committee


As an Associate/Non-Voting Member, you are eligible to:

  • Purchase of TWC t-shirt for only $8 (20% discount), youth sizes available;
  • Serve as Wish Team Member (but not as a Wish Team Lead);
  • Serve on a Regional Chapter Executive Committee as an Associate/Non-Voting Member, (but not as a Regional Chapter Executive Director);
  • Serve as an Associate/Non-Voting Committee Member on any TWC Committee.

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