The Wish Connection, Granting Amazing Wishes

We grant amazing wishes, create smiling faces and build a connection between families and a community that cares.

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Who We Are

Watching a child’s face light up with joy is priceless. Whether it’s a trip to Disney World, a swim with the dolphins or hanging out with a famous country singer, it’s the chance for a dream to come true and to lift up a child, and their entire family, along the way. That’s what we do as part of The Wish Connection. We’re here to grant amazing wishes, create smiling faces, and build a connection between families and a community that cares. The Wish Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was formed in the fall of 2006 by AT&T employees in San Antonio who wanted to be directly involved in granting the wishes of children who have life-threatening or chronically debilitating medical conditions. The Wish Connection is truly a unique wish-granting organization that has expanded its grant-giving to Austin and Dallas, Texas and several locations in California.

Granting Amazing Wishes

Sean’s Wish – June 2017

Sean’s Wish for a Cowboy Adventure with Animals came true! Sean, and his posse (mom, dad, two brothers and Grandpa), began their experience by flying the Pterodactyl (aka Southwest Airlines) to Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
First stop… Dinosaur World, where they were able to explore over 20 acres and see

Olivia F’s Wish – 2016, California

Olivia has the perfect princess pose, don’t you think?  For Olivia’s Wish the team in California was so excited to send Olivia and her family to Florida to enjoy holiday time at Disney World.

Tollsyn’s Wish – 2017

Beginning on Friday, March 17, The Wish Connection granted Tollsyn a wish weekend filled with a whirlwind of activities, gifts and experiences. Tollsyn is an amazing little 8 year old boy and he will immediately capture your heart with his love of life! Tollsyn has a genetic disorder

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Thank you for supporting The Wish Connection and our efforts to grant wishes to kids with life-threatening or chronically-debilitating medical conditions. Your donation allows us to create memorable experiences that will last forever. Click here to donate.


With The Wish Connection, you can do more than just write a check. You can spend your time working with a wish team to create a memorable wish or with the kids and their families for a mutually beneficial experience. Click here to learn more.

Refer A Child

We need your wish referrals and applications to help us grant more life- changing wishes for kids with life-threatening medical conditions and their loving families. Click here to learn who is eligible and how the wish process works.

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Our Mission

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