The Wish Connection, Granting Amazing Wishes

Wyatt’s Wish – 2018

To get things rolling, Team Wyatt visited Wyatt at a local bowling alley near their home during the month of December as he celebrated his birthday with family and friends. Wyatt’s Wish Team gave him 2018 season passes for the entire family to Six Flags in Arlington for his birthday.

Xen’s Wish – 2018, Dallas

In July 2017, Xen and her family visited Great Wolf Lodge to celebrate Xen’s birthday and kick off her wish! Volunteers from The Wish Connection greeted the family with cupcakes and snacks for the weekend.
Xen and her family set off for a 5 day,

Sean’s Wish – June 2017

Sean’s Wish for a Cowboy Adventure with Animals came true! Sean, and his posse (mom, dad, two brothers and Grandpa), began their experience by flying the Pterodactyl (aka Southwest Airlines) to Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex.
First stop… Dinosaur World, where they were able to explore over 20 acres and see

Olivia F’s Wish – 2016, California

Olivia has the perfect princess pose, don’t you think?  For Olivia’s Wish the team in California was so excited to send Olivia and her family to Florida to enjoy holiday time at Disney World.

Tollsyn’s Wish – 2017

Beginning on Friday, March 17, The Wish Connection granted Tollsyn a wish weekend filled with a whirlwind of activities, gifts and experiences. Tollsyn is an amazing little 8 year old boy and he will immediately capture your heart with his love of life! Tollsyn has a genetic disorder

Anthony H’s Wish – 2016, California

Anthony is an amazing young man who brightens any room he enters.  Anthony’s wish was to have an awesome vacation with his mom, dad and 2 sisters.  To make Anthony’s wish come true Team Anthony sent the family to Disneyland.  Of course they added a little magic along the way.

Tyler B’s Wish – 2016, California

Tyler’s wish was to fly to Florida to spend some time at Walt Disney World as well as checkout the Kennedy Space Center.  Things didn’t go exactly as planned thanks to Hurricane Matthew making an appearance but in the end everyone had a great time.      

Lucy L’s Wish – 2016, California

Lucy is a beautiful young lady who loves fashion, princesses and sparkles.  Lucy’s wish was to have a special vacation with her family in Disneyland.  She also wished to have a room makeover so she could share a room with her older sister. 

Kira H’s Wish – 2015, California

Kira is a extraordinary young lady and while she doesn’t speak words, she communicates very clearly with her beautiful smile and expressions.  She loves bright colors and sounds so what better place to visit than Disneyland in California.